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‘Nomad’ is probably the most‐fitting album title that Mike Tramp could have used when you think of how his career has seen him drifting from band to band and genre to genre, following various trends in search of musical fulfilment. And yet, it’s a trait that has eternally worked for him as everything he’s turned his hand to has always been successful, maybe not financially but definitely artistically. Even the White Lion

“comeback” album ‘Return Of The Pride’ wasn’t quite the disaster that many parties claimed it to be – and before anybody thinks of mentioning Vito Bratta, all I’ll say is Whitesnake, House Of Lords, Foreigner... You get my point.

So ‘Nomad’ is the culmination of a trilogy of releases on his journey to show who he is and where he stands (in Tramp’s own words) that began with the acoustic, Folk‐orientated ‘Cobblestone Street’. Its follow‐up ‘Museum’ featured more instrumentation in terms of percussive elements and sound effects, while ‘Nomad’ sees Tramp and colleague Soren Andersen plugging in the guitars again and making the return to a full‐band album, in effect making it probably the easiest of the trilogy to appreciate quickly. It doesn’t quite “Rock” as hard as his WL, Freak Of Nature or even Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz output, but has a softer Melodic Rock feel, more in line with his first solo release ‘Capricorn’ with the addition of a Countrytinged Sound.

Tramp has always been someone with something to say – some would say opinionated – but some of his sentiments can often be misconstrued. However, dig deeper and there are some worthy words of advice to be found. Once again Tramp’s story‐telling lyrics are to the fore on ‘Nomad’, offering a revealing and reflective insight into his personal life while also offering notes of caution, and while the deeper tales encompass melancholic and sombre lyrics, the overall mood of the album is anything but, the simply wonderful melodies creating an enormously uplifting mood. Check out the likes of first single ‘Give It All You Got’, ‘Wait Till Forever’, ‘Counting The Hours’, ‘High Like A Mountain’ and ‘Who Can You Believe’ for proof, all destined to become future Tramp favourites, while the two ballad‐ish numbers ‘Live To Tell’ and ‘Moving On’ close the album in a more pensive frame of mind; the latter one of the finest songs Tramp has recorded in his long career.

So ‘Nomad’ closes the trilogy in this chapter of Mike Tramp’s life in fine style. Who know where his musical journey will take him next? One thing’s for sure, I’ll certainly be following him every step of the way.